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a good story, pt. 1

February 12, 2007

*NOTE: It was originally my intent to write my “good story” as postings on my myspace blog. But because Myspace is so 2006, and doesn’t work half the time anyway, I’m moving it here.

I love a good story. I like hearing them, and I like sharing them. Inspired in part by my new friend Alina Simone (check out her blog on, who has been basically telling the story of her musical life to date in blog form, I started thinking tonight about how interesting the last 10+ years of my life has been thanks to music… so, I thought it would be cool to capture it here for the sake of preserving something important to me. So here you go.

My story begins in Wilmington, NC, summer of 1993. I had gotten fired from TCBY (the only time I ever got fired), so I was looking for a summer job. Stopped in a local record store, because that’s where any 20-something, music-loving college kid would want to work, right? Filled out the application and mentioned to the guy behind the counter that I play drums.

I didn’t get the job, but shortly after I stopped in a tattoo’d punk rocker by the name of Mark also visited that same record store. Put up a flyer looking for a drummer. Guy behind counter remembers me, and tells him to give me a call. He does, and we arrange to get together and “jam” with he and the rest of his bandmates.

And thus begins the summer that would change my life forever.

To be continued…

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