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July 14, 2007

Today was day three of the 11th annual Corndogorama. I didn’t go to either of the first two days, but today after a Good Graces practice with John I headed out to Lenny’s for the festivities. Unfortunately I just missed Club Awesome, and when I got there I was a bit let down to hear that Snowden‘s flight from the UK was cancelled so they wouldn’t be performing, but other than that the day did not disappoint. I saw some of my local favorites such as Slushco (billed on the schedule as “Slush Company”), Elevado and of course The Preakness, but what may have been the biggest treat for me was seeing a few really impressive bands that I had never seen before: Spy for Hire, Midwives and The N.E.C. Spy for Hire was especially “pro” sounding, but actually in a good way, playing a slightly mainstream but impressive blend of 80’s post-punk. The singer’s voice was really top notch, an interesting combination (to my ears anyway) of Ted Leo and Jeff Buckley. Sometimes he was a little over the top with the falsetto, but it was a nice change from what I’d typically expect to hear at Lenny’s.

I also had my first Tofu Corndog, which was surprisingly really yummy. And I witnessed a bunch of drunk guys participate in a corndog eating contest, which was both hilarious and disgusting all at once. Fun stuff!

I’ll be back out bright and early tomorrow, as I play with Chickens and Pigs at 12:30, then I suppose I’ll come home and chill for a bit, wait for Mark to get off work and then we’ll head back out for Blake Rainey, Jupiter Watts and later MASTODON!

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