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Insomnia… and Corndogorama pt. 2

July 17, 2007

Can’t sleep so I’m blogging. I’m such a light sleeper these days. I have no problem falling asleep at night but the slightest noise wakes me up and then it’s hard for me to fall right back to sleep. So I usually use that non-sleep time to catch up on the Internets, which is probably not the best idea. Any suggestions? Whenever I try the counting backwards thing my mind wanders to eight billion different things. Focus is not my strong point.

My Sunday at Corndog was kinda meh. I just missed Blake and Jupiter Watts, both of whom I really wanted to see. The remaining bands I saw were ok but the sound inside Lenny’s was so loud it was hard to distinguish much. The exception was The Forever War, a new band who I saw for the first time. It is rare that Mark and I agree on local music but I was blown away and he too thought they were “bad ass.” They reminded us so much of Geezer Lake (one of the very best bands from the early 90s North Carolina scene), and not just because of the trumpet. I normally don’t care for things quite that heavy but they kept it interesting by alternating the vocalists and what they did they did very, very well. Check them out and go see their next show, really cool stuff.

And I know, I’m lame, but we left after 30 min. of Mastodon. Again, I don’t typically care for heavy music anyway, but I definitely respect what they are doing and was curious to see them. They are a powerhouse for sure, but after a while it just started to blend together for me. I looked at Mark and said “we can leave whenever you want,” and surprisingly he was ready to go too. He’s a big fan of them on record but he too kinda thought their stuff just all started to sound the same live. Maybe it got better towards the end of their set?

Better make an attempt to get some more shut eye. Going to a movie tonight and I really don’t want to pull my standard “it’s dark, I’m tired, so I’m napping” in the theater.

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