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New Toys

July 19, 2007

I’ve been splurging lately. Some recent acquisitions:

1. iPod: I had mentioned this in a previous post. I’m loving it, especially starting my day with my walk on the treadmill while rockin’ out to some tunes.

2. iPod car kit: I chose a Satechi kit with FM transmitter and car charger. Got it yesterday, was a little disturbed at first to see little to no instructions on how to install it. I’m typically not very handy with these sorts of things. But I found it a breeze, just plugged it into my lighter, found an open frequency and voila, I have tuneage. Took me all of two minutes.

3. Kodak EasyShare Z712 Digital Camera: I’m most excited about this one. Mark and I decided to invest in a good camera, mainly so we’d have some good pictures from our upcoming  Cabo wedding/honeymoon. I had had my eye on this for a couple of weeks, noticed the price on Amazon had dropped by about 40 bucks, so I figured now was as good a time as easy. Looking forward to learning how to use it this weekend at the Braves-Cardinals game on Saturday night, and then the aquarium the next day (family is coming to visit, hence all the fun touristy stuff).

Yay, technology!

PS – I also got the new Spoon album yesterday, will be posting on that later after I have time to digest it.

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