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Wow, I really am a weirdo.

July 28, 2007

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So I just took a Myers-Briggs Personality Test online; I had never taken one of these (that I remember, anyway) but the results were pretty interesting. Not sure how much weight to give to the results, as I feel that human beings are very complex and I know I could take the test tomorrow and probably provide different answers. But according to the test, my personality type is the most rare, making up only 1% of the population. Hmmm. I will say that some of it is spot on though, especially the summary that describes INFJs as being “creative, smart, focus on fantasy more than reality, attracted to sad things, fears doing the wrong thing…”. Yeah, I’d say that describes me pretty much, although while I do consider myself a dreamer, I wouldn’t say I focus on fantasy more than reality.

It is cool to see some of the well-known folks that share my personality type though: Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey are INFJs, but so is Mel Gibson. Hmmm….

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  1. Donna permalink
    July 29, 2007 8:30 am

    I have taken several of the real paper tests in various classes at work and mine always come up pretty much the same. I think it’s all pretty fascinating, though.

    Satu took it too and hers was rare as well. I think it was like 2.5% male and .5% of the female population.

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