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I heart KaiserCartel

July 29, 2007

The KaiserCartel show last night was amazing. I’ll sum it up by quoting my myspace bulletin from last night (and if any of my NC friends are reading this, do take note, you’ll thank me later!):

NC friends-
PLEASE mark your calendars for Aug. 9 if you’re in or around Chapel Hill, and Aug. 10 if you’re near Wilmington.

KaiserCartel is an absolutely fantastic guy/girl duo that I saw tonight here in ATL. If you search my blog [myspace blog] you’ll find a “Band of the Moment” review that I wrote about them about a month or so ago. Finally got to see them live tonight and they were so much more amazing than I even expected.

Lovely vocals, honest, endearing songwriting and a very minimalist instrumentation that strips the songs down to their core and results in something very intimate, captivating and just very, very special. It’s hard to even describe it in words… let’s just say I got chill bumps several times during their set and it seemed that the entire audience was right there with me.

I’ll stop rambling… but check them out at Tell your friends, go see something honest and real now so when the general public catches on you can brag that you saw them in a small venue.

Aug 9 – Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC with The Postmarks
Aug 10 – Bella Festa, Wilmington, NC

KaiserCartel – Season Song (Live) (mp3)

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