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a good story, pt. 5

August 4, 2007

So, yeah… it’s been a long time since I’ve written a good story post. I’ve been crazy busy, but also, it’s getting to the point in the story where in order for me to tell it right I’ve got to get a little personal, and I guess that’s a little hard to do for some of this.

But I’ll give it a shot. So when we left off we had played our first show, followed by many more shows, and were becoming quite the cool kids in our small town with an even smaller, but very cool, indie music scene.

I think I mentioned that playing in a band helped give me confidence. I guess that confidence also carried over into how I carried myself when it came to members of the opposite sex, because suddenly it seemed like I was the girl who all the band guys wanted to talk to. And this was really weird. I mean, just a year ago I was the girl fantasizing about the band guys but way to scared to ever talk to them.

There was one guy in particular whom I had had my eye on for a while but he always seemed to have a girlfriend. He was attractive but not overly so, and I think that’s why I was smitten with him. While many of the band guys seemed to act a little too cool for school, the little bit I knew about him made me think that he was just a normal guy. When I found out that my bandmates knew him, of course I was excited about meeting him. I remember being introduced to him at the Mad Monk, the Wilmington equivalent to the Echo Lounge and a place where we all dreamed of playing, and eventually did, more than once. But I’ll get to that later. As soon as I met him I knew I was right — he really was a normal guy. He had a quiet, southern way about him (well, that was how he acted around the ladies anyway… I’d come to learn later that he wasn’t very quiet) that really put me at ease.

Before long, our band was opening for his band. He seemed to be the “business person” of his band, responsible for setting up shows and such, so it was inevitable that he’d eventually call me about playing a show. I’d get butterflies every time, trying not to giggle or say something stupid.

After several shows with his band I got to know his bandmates more, and started to feel more comfortable talking to – and about – him. I’ve always had a problem when it comes to controlling my mouth when I’m drinking. One night at one of the many parties at his bandmate’s house downtown, I had a little much to drink and spilled the beans about my crush to another one of his bandmates. It must have took him all of five minutes to go tell him (and now having realized I’ve typed “him” far too many times, I’ve decided to give him a name — Phillip).

Well apparently the feelings were mutual, as casual talking led to flirting led to Phillip asking me out shortly after that drunken night at the party. So now I was the cool band chick, dating the cute band guy. Life was good.

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  1. August 5, 2007 4:17 pm

    Great story! I remember one guy telling me how we ladies have so many guys to watch in bands and there aren’t as many choices for him, so it’s especially hot for a girl to be in a band.
    I’m not very visually oriented so unless I’m friends with the band, I usually can’t remember what they looked like!

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