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New stuff from Thomas Denver Jonsson

August 18, 2007

The Lake Acts Like an OceanThomas Denver Jonsson is a Swedish singer/songwriter with a really great name and a knack for writing intimate indie-folk tunes ala Iron & Wine, Red House Painters and M Ward, but with an undeniable Neil Young influence. Thomas befriended me a while back on Myspace and we’ve since kept in touch and traded some music, and I’ve generally just fallen in love with his songs.

His new collection of tunes, entitled “The Lake Acts Like an Ocean,” is out next month on Kite Recordings (also out of Sweden). In this one Thomas has really upped the ante — I was a big fan of his last record “Barely Touching It” but here he’s showing a little more variety in his songwriting. The record includes several real standouts: “What I Dream” seems a little more upbeat and indierock than his typical offerings, with a driving rhythm section and distorted bass, but it retains his heartfelt vocal stylings; “Only for Beginners” is typical TDJ fare, a stripped-down, pretty ballad with violin accompaniment and pleading vocals (“oh my hands, don’t fail me now…”); “Like Friends Falling in Love” continues on a similar pleading theme with lyrics that pull at your heartstrings (“When you finally came closer you realized you’d known me your whole life, oh hold me the way friends do when they fall in love…”). The album really hits its stride about midway through with “One of My Blessings” (probably the best track on the record), and it and coasts til the end, staying with a relatively mellow feel until Thomas picks things up with “She Runs in Slow Motion” (in which he has some fun with the lyrics, throwing in a “and the pretty girls go whoooo, oooo…”). The closer “Love Campaign” is a really sweet, flowing ballad with strings and a nice female vocal accompaniment, wrapping things up nicely.

The record really is a terrific piece of work from start to finish, and I imagine if Thomas can get a little bit of promo push in the states then you’re going to be hearing much more about him over the coming months. He’s played at SXSW once before, so with a release as great as this one hopefully we’ll see him there again next year.

Thomas Denver Jonsson – One of My Blessings (mp3)

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