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my weekend… and Whiskey From a Wire radio

August 19, 2007

This weekend I was supposed to go to North Carolina to visit my parents. After my grandma passed away in December, I decided that life was far too short for me to get wrapped up in all my busy-ness and not spend as much time with family as I should. So since then I’ve been really good about setting aside one weekend a month to go visit them. I think this weekend was the first weekend that I had to change my plans. And I’ve been pissed at myself all weekend for not just saying “*$%^ it” and going to see them.

Long story short, we’re on a deadline at work, and were supposed to deploy our application Friday evening. But the app was way too buggy, so we had to put it off til Mon. That meant our developers would be working over the weekend to fix things, so I felt obligated to them to work as well. So yesterday I didn’t leave the house; put in about five hours of QA, played some guitar and surfed the Internets. Today I’m still in my pajamas. Will probably get in an hour or two of work before I head over to ISP for our final Other Sound meeting this afternoon.

The good thing about staying in ATL rather than going to NC is because I hadn’t chocked my weekend full of social events, I do get a little bit of relaxation time in. During the week things are so damn hectic between work and organizing festival stuff that it’s nice to have a weekend where I’m not really obligated to go anywhere (except for my short meeting today). It’s also really nice to do pointless things in between working. Things that aren’t necessary at all but are fun to do when I have goof-off time. Like:
1. creating new playlists for my iPod
2. making a mix for my friend Andi
3. finding new blogs to read
4. adding a bunch of old CDs to my iTunes
5. finding great Internet radio stations through iTunes

As you can see, I’ve gotten pretty addicted to the iTunes. But for whatever reason, I had never clicked the “Radio” link in the Library. Holy shit. More radio stations than you can imagine. All right there, organized by genre (jeez I should write their marketing materials). And I think this morning I found the best station ever. It’s called Whiskey From a Wire and I know very little about it other than they have a myspace page which says they are located in Kansas City, and they play the most amazing music ever. So far today I’ve heard a really great instrumental tune by Papa M, a very cool cover of “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by the Blow, a Sarah McLauc- however you spell it song that was actually tolerable, and now as I type something that I just new was Interpol but instead is She Wants Revenge, sounding very Interpol-ish. All really great songs, and the only thing they’ve played so far that was familiar to me was a Rosie Thomas song. So check it out if you are itching for some new music, I haven’t been disappointed with any of their selections yet!

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  1. August 19, 2007 5:22 pm

    Thanks I did my workout to the station!

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