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Staggering Statistics

August 23, 2007

This past weekend I added a lot of my old indierock CDs to my iTunes; in doing so I came across a disc from a band called Tryptophan. I can’t remember how I first acquired this CD; I think the band’s vocalist/guitarist Austin Brown may have sent it to eskimo kiss. I do remember really digging it though, and requesting more copies to distribute at that year’s WE Fest, which we were gearing up for at the time.

I hadn’t thought much about the band since, but after finding the CD I did some googling to see if the band was even still together. Looks like they aren’t; but fortunately I was able to find info pointing me to Staggering Statistics, Austin’s more recent project. Their new full-length release “… I’m Thinking About Changing” is available for download for FREE from their website. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately, and I think I’m liking it even more than the Tryptophan stuff. They do the slacker indierock thing, not unlike Tryptophan, that makes you think you’re listening to something your college radio station was spinning in the early 90s. I love that stuff, and you just don’t hear much of it anymore. Fans of Pavement, Grifters (what happened to them, anyway?), GBV, etc. will LOVE this stuff.

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