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New music purchases

August 25, 2007

So nice not to have to work through yet another weekend. Today I met a friend for lunch at Decatur’s Taqueria del Sol, always a wonderful experience. Fish taco, Mexican rice, cheese enchilada + margarita on the rocks = bliss.

Yours to KeepI had to go to Decatur to drop off Preakness records at Decatur CD, who now carry VINYL, woo-hoo! They have a small stock that I’m assuming will grow over time, but it already includes some of the essentials like Sonic Youth, Wilco, Sebadoh… and a nice selection of local 7″ releases. So please patronize them, as they are one of the best record stores Atlanta has to offer.

While there I picked up the Flight of the Conchords’ new EP, “The Distant Future,” which is as hilarious as I had hoped it would be. I’m hoping upcoming full-length = tour, which would make my year. I also got the Albert Hammond, Jr. CD which I haven’t listened to yet but has the most insanely adorable album art I’ve seen in a while. Props to the artist on that one (it seems to be credited to “love police action;” it’s a travesty that the artist isn’t credited more prominently, as it really is a beautiful piece of work).

Flight of the Conchords – Business Time (mp3)

Albert Hammond, Jr. – 101 (mp3)

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