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THE OTHER SOUND starts tonight!!!

September 6, 2007

Tonight’s the first night of a music festival that I’ve been organizing (along with some other fine Atlanta labels and music lovers) for about the past six months or so. A lot of sweat, joy, and sometimes frustration has gone into the planning and I’m excited to see it come to fruition, for the third straight year no less!

This festival is somewhat bittersweet because it might just be eskimo kiss‘s last hurrah. The little label I’ve been running since 2000 has also been the product of a lot of sweat, joy, and sometimes frustration. I feel like my life is in a bit of a transition, with my getting married in two months and hopefully continuing my education starting in the spring. My priorities are much different than they were seven years ago. I also have a very demanding day job that often leaves me brain dead at the end of the day, and I find it hard to then find the energy to spend several more hours on the computer, promoting music, sending out promos, etc. It takes a crazy amount of time to run a label, to do it right anyway, and I just don’t have that sort of time anymore.

But anyway, maybe planning my own label’s demise is a bit premature. After all, who knows what the future holds. And I do plan to remain involved in music, only through different means. I’m keeping the details under wraps for now, but I do have a few things up my sleeve!

Tonight, though, I’ll be drumming with Mary O. and co. at the Drunken Unicorn; tomorrow night I’ll be shaking it to my boys Citified at The EARL. And the party doesn’t end til Sunday night! Whew, someone get me a Red Bull or something!

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