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New addiction

September 16, 2007 is a “social internet radio” website, which basically means a combination of myspace and Pandora. Yes, another one. But it’s really fun, and has a very cool, easy-to-use interface (which means it beats the hell out of myspace). You can set up your profile, which is basically not much different from other social networking sites, only it looks a lot cleaner; but its selling point is you type in an artist name and create your own station based on that artist. I typed in Wilco and first heard “Heavy Metal Drummer” (one of my favorite Wilco tunes, so that’s rad), from there it went to  The Decemberists’ “The Crane Wife 3” (nice) and then to Arcade Fire “Rebellion (Lies)”. Sweet.

Right now its beta version is invite only, or you can sign up to be invited and just wait and hope like I did. It only took me a day to get my invite, so not so bad. I also have three that I can use, so if you can’t wait and you’re really nice to be perhaps I’ll send you one.

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