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Quick random thoughts in lieu of a “real” update

September 20, 2007

My morning cup of chai tea is so much better now that I’m making it with half milk/half water.

I’ve recently found myself slightly fascinated with Mike Doughty. Mike, I beg of you, please come do a show in Atlanta soon!

I still have plenty of Jango invites, so lemme know if you want one.

I’m playing a show tonight at A Cappella, which is my very favorite bookstore in Atlanta. Everytime I go there I leave with a list of five or six books that I want, all of which I’d never heard of before. So I think some book shopping is in order after the show.

I’m going to see Mr. Dylan and Elvis Saturday. Very excited. Ooh, AND I’m getting a massage Saturday morning. This is actually my first ever massage. I’m crazy ticklish, so I’ve never found the idea of a stranger rubbing me all over very pleasant. However, I’ve kicked so much ass at work lately, and it’s been so completely un-fun and stressful that our product owner sensed that, and purchased a gift certificate for me from Key Lime Pie. Hopefully I can put my ticklishness aside because I do really need some TLC and stress relief.

Sunday, Mark and I are going to Helen(back). That is, the little German town in the Georgia mountains. This should serve as my real stress relief as I’m taking Monday off work for us to spend a little time together, before the craziness of wedding stuff gets even crazier. It’s six weeks away!

Oh my. My coworker just sent me a link to this. Hasselhoff really shouldn’t drink. Nor should he be allowed take his shirt off on camera.

Hmmm, this actually feels like a real update after all.

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