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To Helen back

September 24, 2007

Alpine Helen, Georgia

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I took today off work so M and I could take a little overnight trip to Helen, GA. We were only there 24 hours but it seemed like longer, not because it wasn’t enjoyable but because we packed so much fun into such a short time.

If you’ve never been to Helen, it’s a little German village, nothing spectacular really other than the fact that it seems really out of place for Northern Georgia. M must have said “this is weird” about 20 times the first few hours we were there.

Helen’s biggest tourist draw is the Oktoberfest held every fall. It starts in mid-September and runs through the beginning of November. Admission is free on Sundays, so we expected a madhouse but it wasn’t so bad. After exploring the town for a bit and doing some shopping, we found the Festhalle, where we enjoyed drinks and a polka band.

After getting reasonably intoxicated, we found a really good Mexican restaurant where we surely managed to annoy everyone around us with our constant laughing and singing ridiculous songs that I’m too embarrassed to recall here. We ended the day at Nacoochee Village Tavern for more drinks, then headed back to our room at The Stovall House, a very quaint bed & breakfast. We weren’t quite ready for bed yet, so we sat out on the porch for a bit. Before long two dogs joined us, which interestingly enough looked like smaller and female versions of Churchill and Buddy. We had a fun time playing with them for a while and then went to bed.

This morning we woke up early for the B&B’s continental breakfast, then headed around the corner to the Old Sautee Store and surrounding shops, for more shopping and lunch. This was a lot of fun as there were some really great shops with lots of interesting art, as well as a really great natural soap shop that smelled so amazing inside I didn’t want to leave. Old Sautee Store itself reminded me a lot of Redbone Willy’s, a general store back home that carries a lot of great clothing by Life Is Good, Columbia, Woolrich, etc. We had lunch at their market next door, really cheap sandwiches on very large slices of fresh bread. Very yummy.

The Sautee lunch and shopping experience gave us tons of ideas for what we hope will become a future business once we tire of the big city life and decide to head back to NC. All in all this was a great mini-vacation that was much needed, even though we did spend far too much money. Isn’t that what vacation is for though?

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  1. September 24, 2007 3:31 pm

    We were in Helen this weekend too! Got a cabin with some friends and went to the Festhalle on Saturday.

    “… a great mini-vacation that was much needed, even though we did spend far too much money. Isn’t that what vacation is for though?” Agreed!

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