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a ridiculous amount of fun

October 20, 2007

… was had by myself and a few of my closest friends at (ahem) Swinging Richards last night. Yes, it was bachelorette party time.

The scene went a little something like this, for pretty much all of us:

First hour – non-stop giggling
Second hour – now that I’m buzzed, this is fun! how many times can I say “oh my god” in 5 minutes?
Third hour – dude, pull my hair once, funny. pull my hair twice, a little less funny. pull my hair three times – really hard – not so funny. buzz is wearing off. all the dangling is starting to get a bit old… can I go home now?

All in all though, this really was one of the funnest evenings I’ve ever had! Once again, I’m so blessed to have such fun, generous friends. Thank you girls!!!

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  1. October 22, 2007 10:49 am

    haha we did that for my “hen night” as us brits call it. my fashion-ed-type mates had the look of anna wintour at a fashion… ie. very critical. hilarious!

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