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to those of you seeking Arizona tea info

November 1, 2007
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So a while back I opened a can of tea, it had gunk in it, it grossed me out so I blogged about it. As a result, now it seems that the majority of people who visit this blog do so after searching for info on Arizona tea (see Top Posts over to the right… it’s likely sitting in the top position). If you’re in that category, please take note:

  1. There’s not much tea info for you here. Go to
  2. I realize the gunk in the tea was because of a faulty can. I still don’t want to drink from a can, and I still think it’s gross.
  3. Yes I did contact Arizona; they sent me coupons, a t-shirt and hat, and a check for $1o, all of which I explained here.

Now can we give it a rest please?

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