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Cabo – Day 1

November 12, 2007


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Prior to this trip, I had only flown to the western part of the U.S. once. But both times made me think I need to get the hell out of the ATL and move over to the left coast.

The flight over was breathtaking; not sure where we were exactly – somewhere nearing the Mexican coast – but the overhead view of the mountains very close to the ocean made for an amazing sight.

We landed, waited far too long for our checked bag, but then stepped outside and were promptly greeted by Alfredo, our driver. We piled in the Escalade and got our first taste of Cabo San Lucas – purchasing Coronas for the drive from a roadside market.

Alfredo’s driving scared the shit out of us, but we made it to The Bungalows unharmed. We were immediately greeted by Stella with some very tasty watermelon juice.

After check-in we wandered a few blocks towards the town square; we saw the infamous Cabo Wabo bar, along with El Squid Roe which I had read a lot about on Trip Advisor.

We stopped by an “information booth” aka timeshare pusher; he was very kind to recommend The Crazy Lobster for fish tacos before going into his spiel about the great deals he could give us on a rental car, sailing, etc.

We finally got away and made it to Crazy Lobster. I tried a shrimp, fish and lobster taco; all were very tasty with the lobster being my favorite.

After our meal we headed back to the hotel. By this time the sun was setting, and it seemed like the perfect time for a dip in the pool. The water felt wonderful; I heard someone say later that they keep it at about 92 degrees, nice!

After swimming I took a series of short naps, then Michelle and Lindsey arrived. I was beat from waking up at 4AM, but Mark talked me into going out for drinks with he and Michelle.

We happened upon RIPS, an outdoor bar I had also read about on Trip Advisor. The atmosphere was cool but the drinks were just ok.

Afterwards we grabbed more tacos from Taco Loco, and I decided I was on a quest to eat as many fish tacos as possible during my week in Cabo. Taco Loco’s food was lame, especially compared to Crazy Lobster. Obviously they cater to the too-drunk-to-care crowd just looking for anything to eat.

We headed back around midnight, exhausted from our day but looking forward to enjoying The Bungalows’ breakfast bright and early at 8AM.

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