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Cabo – Day 2

November 12, 2007


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Breakfast at The Bungalows definitely did not disappoint. Fruit for starters was ok, but the burrito was fantastic — beans, potatoes and pineapple.

We had made an appointment at a spa but decided to blow it off — after all, massages are for relieving stress, and at the moment I was feeling anything but stress. Instead we decided to head over to an Internet cafe/bar we had seen which boasted the “Mamarita.” We each ordered what we thought would be a regular-sized magarita but they were huge! Not the mamarita mind you, but still more than I could attempt to drink at 11AM.

After finishing our drinks we walked over to the marina to take in the sights and of course look for more fish tacos. We found the Tiki Bar, where the waiters were very friendly and helpful — even offering to make us a copy of the music playing over the stereo and hooking us up with a “captain” to take us over to Lover’s Beach in his glass bottom boat. But first, of course, fish tacos. These were mahi and they weren’t bad — but still not up to Crazy Lobster standards.

So we finished our tacos and drinks (mine was one of the best pina coladas I’d ever tasted), and headed over to board our boat with Oscar, our trusty captain. He was a great host, taking us by the Arch, which was truly amazing, then stopping to let us spend a few minutes exploring Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach. Getting off and back onto the boat in the choppy waters SUCKED, but Divorce Beach was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. If I could deal with getting off an on the boat tomorrow – with a wedding dress on no less – then that might be the perfect setting for our Cabo wedding. Getting married on Divorce Beach seemed a bit sinister, but also seemed to fit mine and Mark’s twisted sense of humor.

We made it back over to the marina and then walked back to The Bungalows to get ready for dinner. Tonight we had reservations at Mi Casa. We ended up pushing them back an hour and Mark & I took some time to explore the town square. Most of the booths contained a lot of the same jewelry and clothing; I got a brown wooden bracelet that I thought would look good for the party.

By the time 8:30 rolled around we were all very hungry. The appetizers of ceviche and queso were very tasty, but the highlight was the margaritas, some of the best we had had so far. Our entrees were just ok — Mark and I got a seafood platter for two that we couldn’t quite finish.

During dinner we were entertained by a mariachi band, clown with balloons, and a guy with two canaries in a cage — he’d have one at a time come out and pick a slip of paper that was similar to a fortune. Mine said something about being on my guard because someone was going to upset me. Hmmm, I’m thinking it would take a lot to upset me in Cabo.

After dinner we tried to go to The Corner for internet access but they were closed. Michelle, Lindsey and Mark had all been commenting about checking out “Mermaids;” we stopped to inquire and were told ladies could get in for free. When Michelle told them we were getting married soon, they said Mark could get in for free too.

We stayed about 10 minutes; it was my first time at a female strip club, and it was pretty creepy and weird. The girls were mostly average-looking, and the few that we saw trying to dance were just plain bad.

We decided to head back to our rooms; on the way back someone threw rocks at us which was very scary. We were hanging out at the pool when Todd and Donna came back and said someone had just thrown a beer bottle at them. A crazy way to end the evening, but fortunately no one got hurt so we weren’t going to let it ruin our time.

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