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Cabo – Day 4

November 12, 2007


Originally uploaded by esKIM0

We had decided for our Cabo wedding to drive to Todos Santos, stopping somewhere along the way if we found a good view of the Pacific. The first bit of the drive was sort of a pain due to construction, but eventually it cleared out. Soon we passed Art & Beer but didn’t stop, as we planned to do so on the way back.

We had driven about 30-40 km or so when we saw a fairly large shrine. Out past the shrine we could tell the beach was very vast, and could see several large rocks at the edge of the water. As we walked closer, I knew this was the perfect place for our wedding. After lots of photos and examining each location to get just the right view, we settled on a spot.

Todd performed the ceremony and did a wonderful job. We had written our own vows the night before, promising some of the big “L’s” — live, laugh, loyalty, learn, listen, and last but not least, not to go to La Fonda ever again (that line got quite a laugh from Michelle and Lindsey).

The ceremony was absolutely perfect. Michelle thanked us several times afterwards for laying out the template by which she wants to plan her own wedding.

After the ceremony and more photos we headed into Todos Santos. Made the obligatory stop at Hotel California, then waited way too long at the restaurant there for drinks and apps. Food was pretty good though. Afterwards we took in just a little shopping but then decided we needed to head back.

I was worried that Todd wouldn’t want to stop by Art & Beer because it was getting late, but fortunately he did. This stop turned out to be a highlight of the trip. The view there was like something out of a movie. And the pina coladas served in pineapples were divine.

We ended up staying there a while, probably a couple of hours. I told the owners if there’s anyone on this planet that I’m envious of, it’s them. I can’t even imagine living in such an amazing place. I would definitely recommend a stop at Art & Beer for anyone who visits Cabo.

When we made it back, Eric and Stella greeted us with congratulations, and told Mark to carry me over the threshold into our room. Eric even got his video camera to document this.

Turns out they had placed rose pedals around and on the bed, along with a lovely flower basket and bottle of wine — so sweet!

For dinner we decided Michelle and Lindsey needed to try the Crazy Lobster since that was still the best food we had had so far. We each got a few tacos, then it seemed appropriate to check out Cabo Wabo, so we could say we did. Two words — tourist trap. OK, three — middle-age tourist trap. Very cheesy, but the bar outside was ok for sitting for one drink.

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