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Cabo – Day 5

November 12, 2007


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We decided to take today to shop, and also deemed it our “taco tour” day. I was still on a quest to find the best fish taco in Cabo. We made our morning visit to The Corner after breakfast, so I could do some research on the Internet for taco reviews. Gardenia’s looked like the overwhelming favorite so we made plans to head that way for lunch.

We stopped by an information (time share) booth; they gave us directions to Gardenia’s but also mentioned that their favorite spot for fish tacos was Los Claros, so we decided we’d stop by there first. I’m so glad we did, as I decided that was indeed the best fish taco in Cabo. Two rather large pieces of fried fish and a fixings bar to load it up however you wanted. All that for a buck fifty!

We were both starting to feel slightly full from breakfast plus Los Claros, but I was determined to try at least one taco from Gardenia’s. I started with a fish/shrimp taco (I think I ordered shrimp, but I swear it had both on it, which was fine). It was pretty ok but I also had my eye on a shrimp quesadilla from the menu so I tried that too. Absolutely irresistible, one of the best things I had eaten at Cabo thus far. Mark got a pork taco which he also couldn’t stop raving about.

After Gardenia’s we stopped by several shops to pick up souvenirs for friends back home. We also stopped by the jewelry shop where I had bought a necklace and bracelet earlier to inquire about tattoo studios. We had conceived an idea for a tattoo – day of the dead bride and groom – but weren’t sure if we’d be brave enough to do it here in Cabo or wait til we were back home next week.

We had planned for a sunset cruise with the rest of our group so we needed to get back in time to get ready. We made it to the dock just in time and boarded the “Spin Doctor.” The ride was about three or so hours and it was so much fun. Open bar, fun music, and more beautiful views around the Arch. Another highlight.

After the cruise we were walking around the marina and ran into a fellow named Josh, who Lindsey and Michelle had met earlier in the week. Josh took us up to his condo, which is just above one of the bars by the marina. He started talking to Mark a little about what he does… apparently he’s in Real Estate and is also a motivational speaker. “I make people’s dreams come true,” he said. Watching Mark listen to him was so cute. He was clearly enthralled with every word. It was obvious Josh had made quite an impression on Mark, which is very hard to do! “He’s my hero,” Mark whispered to me.

We hung out at Josh’s for about a half hour or so, then went down to the Tiki Bar for a few drinks. A guy was playing some standards and pop tunes on a keyboard and singing; it was a real treat to hear things like “My Life,” in a blend of Spanish and English.

Mark and I danced our first dance to “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” which of course instigated a lot of “aww, how cute” photo ops.

We were all getting hungry so Josh was so kind to treat us to dinner at Solomon’s a couple of doors down. The food was basically American, lots of seafood, but very very good. I think Mark was very happy to get to eat ribs; I had sea bass rockefeller which was a creamy mushroom sauce with spinach, very tasty.

By the time we finished dinner Mark and I were both about to pass out at the table. We headed back to our room and made like the old married couple, falling asleep by 10PM.

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