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old clubs

November 20, 2007

old clubs

Originally uploaded by esKIM0

So last year when we moved from our Decatur apartment to our house, instead of getting rid of junk like we should have been doing Mark seemed unable to fight the temptation to accumulate more junk. I remember watching the movers bring in a television set and thinking “that doesn’t look like our TV”, and then later a set of golf clubs. Golf clubs?!? I’m no golfer and I knew Mark had never golfed in his life. When I asked him about them he said someone had left them out (along with the tv) by the dumpster at our apartment.

I bitched about those golf clubs, and the half-(at best)functional tv (he swears he plays playstation on it in the basement, but I’ve never seen it) for a year. Didn’t understand why we’d want to clutter our basement with things we’d never use.

So this morning, in preparation for the salvation army truck to come get a load of clothes and our cozy chair that is just too dang big for our living room (I’m finally admitting that fact), Mark brings up the golf clubs. First they were in the middle of the floor so I asked him to move them aside; when I saw where he put them, suddenly I loved them. Yes, they serve no purpose. But now they look cool. So I guess we’re keeping them.

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  1. Tiff permalink
    November 22, 2007 9:59 am

    They may be worth something depending on the brand…..

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