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Good vibes for a good friend

November 27, 2007

Got word today that a friend’s pet isn’t doing so well, so it’s got me kinda bummed. I’m so ridiculously close to my pets, and really can’t imagine what I’m going to do when the big day comes for any of them, so I feel really sad for her. Her cat’s been with her for 16 years, through moves, break-ups, new relationships… everything really. It’s funny how pets really can become our closest friends, especially when you do think about all the things that they help you through. Lord knows I don’t think I could’ve made it through some of the things I had to deal with a few years ago had I not had Buddy by my side; not to mention Snowden who has been with me through several moves, the breakup of my previous marriage and now my current relationship. It’s kinda wild to think about. Here’s hoping things improve or at least get a little easier for her to deal with.

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  1. Donna permalink
    November 30, 2007 8:26 am

    Thanks for the kind words. This cat has been in my life longer than almost everyone excluding you and my parents!

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