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December 14, 2007

I’m very excited to be attending my first-ever SXSW in ’08. It was a very last-minute decision, prompted solely by Daryl Hall. Seriously. I’m a big dork (that happens to REALLY like Hall and Oates). I checked my PO box today, had the standard pamphlet from the festival informing me of how many days were left to register, which hotels are still available, etc. I almost trashed it because I always think “can’t afford it.” Well that hasn’t changed, but today something made me open it. That’s when I saw that Daryl Hall is a featured speaker, which sealed the deal. I know that sounds ridiculous but the decision really was that easy. Well that and the fact that I’ve always wanted to go, and realized that if I continue to put it off til I can afford it, I’ll never go. So I’m going! Registration and hotel are already booked.

I really want to get eskimo kiss involved in some sort of unofficial showcase, but I know no one in the “industry” down there. So if you know any record stores, small venues, or any other small labels putting on a show that I could maybe get eskimo kiss involved in, I’d be eternally grateful. Or at least grateful for a very, very long time. Email me at kim at eskimokissrecords dot com if you can hook me up!

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