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The Great Eskimo Kissing Experiment

December 26, 2007

The company I work for has two offices, one in Atlanta and one in Costa Rica. From time to time, one of the Ticos (Costa Ricans) will come visit the Atlanta office. Apparently for the Ticos it’s customary to begin each morning and end each day by greeting their co-workers. The guys shake hands with their guy co-workers and kiss their female co-workers on the cheek. A couple of weeks ago one of the Ticos was visiting so we all got a taste of this custom at the end of each day. The first day I got a kiss it almost knocked my headset off of me. The other days I think I accepted them appropriately, or at least without any resulting injury for either of us.

It was at a Christmas party last Thursday that the brilliant idea just came upon me: Why don’t I start a new custom at our office? And that custom would be to greet everyone with an eskimo kiss. I had the perfect opportunity to try it on a co-worker when Rob came to the party. So I walked up to him with a huge smile and open arms. He was expecting your standard hug; little did he know I had so much more in store for him. As I attempted to rub my nose to his nose, he bobbed his head from left to right to left back to right again. Ah, playing hard to get. Finally I held his head still and bestowed upon him what had to be the best eskimo kiss ever, I just know it. When he finally realized I wasn’t trying to kiss him on the lips he seemed to find it a little humorous.

With my first victim behind me, I eagerly awaited the opportunity to eskimo kiss more of my co-workers the next day. Jenn was my first lucky kiss-ee of the morning, as she was in the kitchen after I dropped off cupcakes that the best husband ever had made for us. I almost forgot about my master plan, but then remembered just in the nick of time. Interestingly, her reaction was exactly the same as Rob’s.

Next up was Justin, who accepted without hardly a hint of resistance. Several more co-workers followed; with the most notable being Javi having the same reaction as Justin and Brett causing me to hit my head on the door frame. It was very interesting to anticipate and then see everyone’s reactions. The common thought seemed to be that I was going to kiss them on the lips (hello, get over yourself! and I’m a married woman!), some seemed to just go with it while others fought it like I was carrying the plague.

I recommend the experiment for anyone brave enough to attempt it; it really was a lot of fun although after a while it actually made me uncomfortable to know I was making so many people uncomfortable.

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  1. Tiff permalink
    December 27, 2007 11:50 am

    I love how you are trying to portray your lesbieness as an “experiment”….

  2. December 27, 2007 1:04 pm

    hmmm… and that response comes from the girl who has STILL kissed (or been kissed, whatever) by more girls than me.

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