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January 15, 2008

The weekend: Hung out with some girlfriends Friday night to watch Once… I think I could watch that movie again and again and not tire of it.

Saturday, tried to go see Yo La Tengo, but realized I had left my ticket at home. So I went home frustrated with myself and trying to figure out why I forget EVERYTHING. Started googling and ended up on a test for ADD. Now I’ve always sort of half-joked that I had it, and I can’t be certain of the legitimacy of this test. But the highest range of scores is 70 and up, and I scored an 82. At least I finished it?

So the rest of the night I just kinda felt sorry for myself and thought of how spastic my mind gets and how it must irritate the hell out of my very sweet hubby. Thinking about going to see someone about this, but really, really don’t want to get on meds for it. But I also really don’t want to annoy everyone around me. Adult ADD’ers, I know you’re out there… how do you cope?

Went to see Juno on Saturday; it was excellent, Ellen Page is incredible. Very smart dialog, and it reminded me a bit of Little Miss Sunshine in that it’s happy, sad, funny, endearing, all in one little package. Never going over the top with any of them, and not exactly wrapping things up with the ending that one would suspect, but making you smile nonetheless. Soundtrack is great too.

Finally, went out with the hubby last night to celebrate my raise that I got yesterday (yay me!!!). Night was pretty much just a big clusterfuck of bad dining, but at least it was good company. First went to Cafe Circa, which is new and has a menu that seems made for me. Place was packed, we finally got a seat and had a few drinks, then ordered food. Took a very long time to come, when it did M’s empanadas were just fine but my “Caribbean” fries tasted like they had run down to the local Micky D’s and then left them out in the cold for half an hour. We got those taken off our bill, and though we had intended to stay for entrees, we figured if they can’t get fries right and things were taking so long, we’d only be more disappointed.

Thought we’d go next door to Edgewood Corner Tavern, as we’re big fans of the East Point location. They were slow, which was fine and to be expected for a Monday night, and it was nice to get away from all the noise of next door. Placed our order and waited 45 minutes for our food to come. By this point I would have eaten to cold, soggy Micky D’s fries. Sigh.

Ended the evening with a Spiced Apple Latte from Javaology. It was made from powder, but was still the best thing I tasted all evening.

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  1. January 15, 2008 3:21 pm

    Congrats on the raise! See you soon for some rock and roll.

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