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music news in lieu of a Ween show :(

January 29, 2008


So we were supposed to go see Ween tonight, but a few days ago M started having problems with his toe. Suddenly and for no apparent reason, it became very sore and swollen. Well now his entire foot is swollen, so we are staying home from the show rather than him risk making it even worse.

So there will be no Ween show review from me, but here’s some interesting music news…

– If you’re a fan of R.E.M., The National or Modest Mouse then you no doubt heard about their summer tour. Well I’m a big fan of all three, so I’m stoked to see them here in the ATL at Lakewood Amphitheatre on June 21!

– Here’s something kooky. Austin community radio station 91.7 KOOP was recently set ablaze by a disgruntled DJ (more info here). Apparently he was pissed that changes were made to his playlist. This is the third fire at the station in only two years. WTF?!?

– And finally, some friends of mine, Majestic Twelve are competing in something mtvU has going on called “The Freshman,” which basically means if they win their video for the song “Cry” will get added to mtvU’s rotation. Pretty cool huh? The video is actually rather awesome, as is the band, so check it out and vote for them.

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