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Things to accomplish – end of April update

May 2, 2008

I’m a little late with this update, and I already fear that I didn’t do very much in April to support my long list of things to accomplish in ’08! But let’s take a look…

  • Make serious progress on my book – wow. not a single thing to report here, still.
  • Record (at least) an EP’s worth of songsI recorded seven songs in April! So yeah, I guess I actually did a lot more than I thought. Yay me!
  • Visit my parents once a month – this one is going ok
  • Learn more about Buddhism/Visit the Buddhist temple in KM – Still trying to finish Sit Down and Shut Up; and still haven’t made it to the temple yet.
  • Visit some things in Atlanta I’ve yet to see:
    High Museumdone!
    The Wren’s Nest not yet
  • Get organized:
    Get rid of clutter, one room at a time – wow, it’s amazing how quickly i can slip on this one. Was doing well for a while, but ever since M started the new job we’ve really just let things go. Ugh.
    Organize my eskimo kiss records (”records” meaning info, data, etc.) – I’m doing ok with this one, but still have more work to do.
  • Get a new bed, change setup of bedroom – Done, at least the bed part
  • Start doing yoga (this one I’ve already started, yay me) – I seriously don’t know what I’d do without my daily yoga routine.
  • Podcast more often (once every 4-6 weeks is the goal) – Still haven’t gotten around to my SXSW recap…
  • Get prints made of some of my Cabo photosDone!
  • Read all my new books and refrain from purchasing any more until doing so – I’m pretty proud of myself for this one. It’s hard for me to not buy new books sometimes but I still have several to get through.

Here’s hoping you’re accomplishing all you’ve set out to do this year 🙂 Tomorrow I’m accomplishing a much-needed massage, I can’t wait!

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