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WE Fest recap

May 29, 2008

As always, WE Fest was a friggin blast. Although I must say, at least for me, this was the most mellow WE Fest yet. Save for my Sunday night drunken silliness, I was completely well behaved and mostly sober. I don’t drink much these days anyway, but I do remember (well, not completely remember) previous WE Fests where the entire week was a drunken blur.

Anyway, the festival was a wonderful time but way too short. I’ve already reserved the house again for next year and I’m determined to stay a few days longer. It’s really hard finding the time to see all my friends plus taken the usual shopping and dining that I want to do while I’m there, not to mention all the music and late nights.

The highlights? Playing one of my best sets with The Good Graces in front of a roomful of friends. Catching back up with my old friend Andy Bilinski and hearing some of his new songs which are amazing. eskimo kiss shooters, lots of them, and then the resulting silliness at the beach house. Pistolero melting my face, along with everyone else’s in the room; I’ve got to make a point of seeing more of their shows in Atlanta. Hearing Gregg Yeti‘s wonderful tunes performed live, and just getting to hang out with him in general. Indochine. The little bit of the Durham showcase that I was fortunate enough to catch. Perfect beach weather and a beautiful view. Nina 57. Brian and Oscar. Tiffany. The Houstons, who blew me away and made me excited about moving back to the Charlotte area (no time real soon, but in a few years anyway).

Can’t wait til next year!

View my entire set of WE Fest photos here

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