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McDreamy Dream + Pine Magazine

May 30, 2008


I’m twelve. Last night I had the funniest dream. So (this is in real life) I hurt my hand over the weekend, playing tambourine of all things. Last night I dreamed that I went to the doctor, not for my hand but just for a check-up I think, and while there I mentioned my tambourine hand. The doctor said I could have the specialist look at it if I wanted. So I did… and the specialist was Patrick Dempsey. He was super cute and took an x-ray using this little megaphone-looking thing that he looked through. He showed me the bone that was wacked and said that there’s not much they can do for those sorts of bone breaks but that he could put a cast on it if I wanted, to protect it. Of course I want you to put a cast on it if it means I can look at you some more! Actually the other doctor, some lady, ended up doing the cast, very poorly I might add. She had to do it twice. So while she was doing that we talked about McDreamy and how all the girls flip out when they come there and see he’s a real doctor, but that he wants to relocate to Charleston so he won’t be there much longer. At that point I think my alarm may have gone off and woke me up. Sigh.

In other silliness, Pine Magazine was super cool to do a little interview with me and Citified CD review to promote the show tonight at the Star Bar, so check it out! Thanks, Pine!

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