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Back to Boston … and some new music findings

June 1, 2008

I’m in Boston, MA! I’m here for work until Wednesday. Staying in a swanky hotel that makes me feel a little too fancy… but I guess we all deserve to be pampered from time to time.

Got in today around 6; after a fiasco of finding my driver I finally made it to my hotel and went exploring; just walked a few blocks because the last thing I want to do is get lost in a big city, but saw some really lovely parks and beautiful old churches. I’ll plan to take the camera out tomorrow evening.

Had dinner here at the hotel; lobster roll – was not bad. Now I’m chilling in front of the tv watching Desperate Housewives.

This week I came across some really wonderful new music findings that I’ve been looking forward to sharing:

Andy Bilinski is a good friend of mine from Wilmington, NC; his CD “The Meaning Behind Nothing is Everything” finally saw the light of day several months ago, and I was fortunate enough to get a copy last week while at WE Fest. It’s practically been on endless repeat since. And while I had heard most of the songs on it there are a few newer ones that really make the disc. Specifically “Silver Gull Motel,” showing a more mature side of Andy that hints at Josh Rouse, and the album’s closer “Brooklyn” that has an unexpected double-time rock ending, create a nice contrast to his old standby hits like “Paper Airplane” and “Strange World.”

I had never heard of Port O’Brien prior to noticing them on eMusic over the weekend. Something about the description caught my eye so I thought I’d give a listen to their song clips. I was instantly intrigued and downloaded the entire record, which is called “All We Could Do Was Sing” and was released last month. It’s a very interesting release that at times reminds me of AM/FM (an old favorite of mine, whatever happened to them?), The Decemberists, or a more folky MGMT. The lead-off track, “I Woke Up Today,” is really upbeat, catchy and fun and sets the stage for what is sure to be near the top of my best of ’08 list.

Finally, I had been hearing the song “Hippies” a lot on WRAS but was unfamiliar with the artist, Tall Firs. That song in particular has a bit of a bedroom feel that reminds me a lot of East River Pipe, whom I just love, and it prompted me to check out the entire album, “To Old to Die Young.” Out on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label, Tall Firs wears their Sonic Youth influence on their sleeves but still manages to keep things from getting too derivative thanks to a healthy dose of dynamics and texture. Aside from their noisy folk songwriting style that is right up my alley, they also raise the bar thanks to their absolutely amazing drummer. I usually don’t care much for busy drumming and lots of fills, and occasionally this ventures into that territory. But the fills are so amazingly fluid and smooth that I couldn’t help but be impressed.

Port O’Brien – I Woke Up Today (mp3)

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  1. Tiff permalink
    June 2, 2008 8:31 am

    Swanky digs blondie! Somebody’s bringing home new towels……

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