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Things to accomplish – August update, plus a priority check

August 2, 2008

Wow I had vowed to do this at the beginning of each month, and I haven’t done one since March! It’s August already? Seriously?

Anyway, so here goes my original list of things to accomplish in 2008, along with notes. I’ve done pretty well so far even though recently I’ve found myself falling into my old habit of taking on far more activities than I have time for. And that always makes it hard to stay focused. But that aside, as you can see in some areas I’ve accomplished even more than I had originally set out to!

  • Make serious progress on my book – I so suck at this one.
  • Record (at least) an EP’s worth of songsHells yeah! Can you say “full-length CD coming out in October???”
  • Visit my parents once a month – I don’t think I’ve missed a month. Yay me.
  • Learn more about Buddhism/Visit the Buddhist temple in KM – I’ve sort of slipped here. Not much Buddhism to speak of lately, and I still haven’t made it out to the temple.
  • Visit some things in Atlanta I’ve yet to see:
    High Museumyep
    The Wren’s Nest nope
  • Get organized:
    Get rid of clutter, one room at a time – I have my ups and downs with this one, and definitely still need some work, particularly with the bedroom and our mess of a basement.
    Organize my eskimo kiss records (”records” meaning info, data, etc.) – I’m getting better, at least with my recent releases, but my paperwork/receipts/books is still pretty crazy. Working on it.
  • Get a new bed, change setup of bedroom – The bed is great but as mentioned above I really do need to organize the bedroom.
  • Start doing yoga (this one I’ve already started, yay me) – Boo for me on this one. I was doing awesome, yoga almost every morning, til I started my triathlon training. Yes, triathlon training. Three mornings a week. Vowing to get back on the yoga train too.
  • Podcast more often (once every 4-6 weeks is the goal) – This might be the worst. Did it for a few months but nothing since March! And I have so much new music that I could be promoting. Sigh.
  • Get prints made of some of my Cabo photosDone
  • Read all my new books and refrain from purchasing any more until doing so – Well I haven’t been reading much lately, but I’m still doing pretty well with this one.

So as I mentioned, lately I’ve been doing a really poor job of taking on too much and not staying focused on my priorities. I was looking at the Oprah site the other day (I’m cheesy like that) and came across a really good article about balance and keeping focused on what’s most important. If you follow the link to the article you’ll see that the writer urges you to make a list of your top five priorities. So mine are listed below; granted I don’t have two days to take off work to think about this like the article suggests, but off the top of my head they go something like this:

  1. Building my future with my hubby
  2. Writing and playing music
  3. Promoting music that I love
  4. Teaching kids music
  5. Traveling with my hubby

If you’re like me and you sometimes have trouble focusing on what’s important, I urge you to make the same list; at the very least it helped me clear my mind and reminded me where my priorities lie (and also made me thankful that I really do have some pretty cool stuff going on in my life, even though sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming).

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