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The Other Sound starts tonight!!!

September 11, 2008

In Oct. ’04, I made the move from Wilmington, NC to Atlanta, GA. I had lived in Wimington for 15 years and had become very involved in their small yet thriving independent music scene. While there, I played in a few bands, I started a label (eskimo kiss) and also lent a hand to organizing the WE (Wilmington Exchange) Festival for several years. This was a very rewarding experience, as the WE Fest gets to the heart of what independent music is really about (that is, the MUSIC, not the “industry”) and has grown to be much like a family reunion.

My experiences with WE Fest were so inspiring that I vowed to do something similar when I moved to Atlanta. The downside for running an indie label in Wilmington, at least to me, was that no one seemed to really “get it.” We were really the only indierock-based label in town, to my knowledge anyway, and I think because of that it was a little tough to get a lot of support. And it’s not that we thought we were changing the world or anything, but at the same time we were doing a little more than just making mix tapes for folks (not that there’s anything wrong with that). We were doing our part to help create a SCENE, a community … and in doing so we not only released some great music from bands like Gerty, Goner, Audio Explorations… but we also booked a ton of shows, bringing under-appreciated artists such as Matt Pond PA, The Mountain Goats, AM/FM and countless others to our tiny town on the coast, a town that was typically out of the way for touring bands and therefore often ignored.

When I moved to Atlanta and started researching the local music scene, I quickly noticed two things: 1.) there were a lot of other labels here! Folks doing the same sort of thing I was trying to do, expose people to great independent music; and 2.) there were also some awesome venues and promoters bringing to town some really great bands.

I was quickly inspired, and even a little overwhelmed, with all the local music possibilities. But one thing I didn’t really see was something tying it all together. With so many local labels, why not join forces with them, make some new friends, and help expose more people to all the great music that’s available in their own backyards? And thus, on that winter day in my Decatur apartment, the beginnings of The Other Sound was hatched. I didn’t really know any of the other label heads in town personally, but that didn’t stop me from blindly emailing folks to try to get some helpers. The idea was well-received, and I before I knew it Goodnight Records, Two Sheds Music and Lazyline Media were all onboard, and we were planning a music festival!

Since then, we’ve had three Other Sound festivals; this year marks the forth. And while my new marriage, recent enrollment in grad school, and life in general has prevented me from being as involved this year (the fine folks at Containment Theory Records are now at the helm), I’m still as passionate as ever about indie music, especially the stuff coming out of Atlanta. So that’s why I’m urging you to come out and be part of something pretty dang great, if I do say so myself. It starts tonight at WonderRoot (please come out early to see North Elementary kick things off at 8:30!), continues tomorrow night at Star Bar, and finally wraps up on Saturday night at The EARL. Hope to see lots of you there!

Other Sound Festival lineup:

Thursday, 9/11/08 – Chopper, Thy Mighty Contract, 13 Day Mission, Nomen Novum, North Elementary @ WonderRoot
Friday, 9/12/08 – Pink Police, Attractive Eighties Women, The Preakness, Warm In The Wake, Icecaps, Grand Prize Winners and Calabi Yau @ Star Bar
Saturday, 9/13/08-
Dropsonic, The Booze, Missile Command, A Fight To The Death, Rev Rebel & The Sound Supreme, Yardwork @ The EARL

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