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Preorder my first record!

September 13, 2008
Sunset Over Saxapahaw cover art

Sunset Over Saxapahaw cover art

A few months ago I set out to record my first EP of The Good Graces material. I was determined to get five or six songs down and be done with it, but it quickly turned into a full-length (10 songs). It’s been an extremely interesting and fun learning experience for me, and I’m very excited for my friends to hear it. Of course for that to happen I have to get it pressed. Which brings me to my plea: help me fund the pressing of my first record! “Sunset Over Saxapahaw” will be released on Oct. 28, 2008. BUT I’ll have the discs in hand the first week of October, and if you preorder it I’ll send you your copy the minute I receive them!

So if you ever wanted to support a struggling, slightly insane artist now’s your chance! Think of yourself as a patron of the arts. That’s all eskimo kiss has ever been anyway… and I look at my CD as the ultimate eskimo kiss release, as every single EKR release so far has been such a big influence on my music. You can even check out some previews of some of the tunes on my myspace.

At the risk of sounding even more salesy, “Sunset Over Saxapahaw” is at times serious, at times lighthearted, it’s endearing, it’s sincere, it’s very personal and I put so much of myself in it that I really feel like if you like me at all as a person, you’ll probably like at least some of this record. So help me out ok? Just head over to, and click the little “Buy CD” button over there on the left beside the album description. Oh, and I must mention that the preorders will get some extra special surprise goodies with their order, plus my undying love. And that’s got to be worth at least 10 bucks, right???

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