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NC weekend, Art of Sound, and some Young Antiques

October 21, 2008

Over the weekend I went to NC to visit the ‘rents and take in some of the Art of Sound music festival in Shelby, NC. Shelby is a fairly small town, so this festival is a pretty big deal for them as it brings in a lot of very talented regional and national artists. This was the sixth year of the festival, but my first. The ticket price was a bit steep ($30 for Saturday alone) but well worth it. Mom and I particularly enjoyed Jim Lauderdale, whose folk tunes were very simple and sincere,  with a voice like butter and a swanky grey suit to boot; The Near Misses, a female folk trio from Charlotte; and The Old Ceremony, an eclectic indie outfit (think Cake) from Chapel Hill and the most “rock” of all the groups that we heard.

I unfortunately left my camera at home so I missed out on a lot of great shots. I’m looking forward to investigating some of the artists; it was the first time I had heard most of them and all of them were very, very good. I’m determined to make it a point to attend next year’s and future Art of Sound fests, as it’s a great event that deserves more recognition.

On Sunday, Mom, Dad, and I met Todd and LC (my brother and nephew) at Cracker Barrel for a fantastically fattening lunch. LC will be three months soon; he was very cute and well-behaved during lunch and I miss him already! I’m starting to get the whole being a parent and talking about your kid non-stop thing. It’s so amazing to see them growing and changing right before your eyes that I guess I can understand being so proud of it that you want to share it with everyone.

the little cutie

the little cutie

Over the course of my drive to NC, I listened to the new Young Antiques CD, “Soundtrack to Tear Us Apart,” two times through. I love it. Blake has really hit his stride with his songwriting, and his vocals – as always – make me swoon. I also like that he was able to incorporate the word “taciturn” into his lyrics. They’ll still get Replacements comparisions with this release, which is appropriate; while I was listening to it I was constantly reminded of the “Singles” soundtrack, not so much the grunge aspect of it, but more for Westerberg‘s contributions. Check out some of “Soundtrack…” over at the Young Antiques myspace, and follow the links there to order your own copy; it really is fantastic and one of the most solid releases I’ve heard from an Atlanta band in quite some time. Oh, and I almost forgot… congratulations are in order for the ‘tiques singer/guitarist/frontperson Blake Rainey, who recently tied the knot to cool chick Kendra Bentle. Congrats, guys!


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