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Taking Care of Busy-ness

May 2, 2009

Wow, I have so neglected this blog lately. Of course I’ve been busy, insanely so, actually, but mostly in a good way.

I picked up a couple of freelance writing gigs last week. That’s something I haven’t done since I lived in North Carolina, and I realized both how much I miss it and how much I’d much rather be editing than writing. There’s something to be said for creating an article from scratch; I’ve always loved that. But when said article is limited to 500 words and you’re as long-winded as me, whoa. I mean that’s like less that four tweets!

John and me after our show

John and me after our show

Elsewhere, The Good Graces played a few shows, and I’m heading to NC next weekend to finish up my EP with Jerry Kee. I’m excited, but also know that next week is going to keep up the insanely busy pace, as I juggle work, a couple of social outings, something top secret, and preparing drum parts for all five songs. Haven’t even started on that yet, but looking forward to it.

A few months ago, Nina and I started a new music listening “club.” This is something we had been talking about doing for about a year now and finally put it together. Once a month, a group of us get together; we each bring one song that fits in with the theme we chose for the month, discuss it, and then burn all the tunes onto CDRs/thumbdrives/whatevers for folks to take home. It’s really a lot of fun and taps into my needs to create something with others as well as talk about music. So yeah, it’s pretty awesome. I’m hosting the third meeting tomorrow at our house, so I’ve been trying to make it presentable.


Me backstage at H&O. Yes, I'm smiling.

And speaking of music, a couple of weeks ago I had the most amazing night ever. The short version is I went from being bummed out about not being able to afford to go see Hall & Oates to suddenly snagging a backstage ticket. Who on earth has that kind of luck?!? Well lately, it seems I do. It was a super fun experience that I’ll remember for a very long time. And it totally proved that I really do have the most wonderful friends that a girl could ever ask for.

Me and Little Man

Me and Little Man

God what else? Baby and I are heading to Puerto Rico in one month for vacation, if swine flu doesn’t prevent us from flying. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. Oh, and how could I almost forget?!? We have a new addition (that I’ve actually been attributing some of my recent good luck to). A few weeks ago we found a Schnauzer while walking Buddy and Churchill. He followed us for our entire walk, so when we got back home we put him in the backyard, thinking his owner was bound to come by later looking for him. But nothing. He wasn’t wearing a collar; I took him to Pet Smart that night for them to check for a microchip. Nope, still nothing. Three weeks later and he’s still here. We’ve been calling him Mr. Garrison, Little Man, Felix, Harvey, Ike, Fritz … trying to settle on something. He is the barkiest thing ever but also completely sweet. Needs his nuts clipped. I can’t believe I’m now living in a house with FIVE, yes five males.

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