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I was almost in this movie.

August 5, 2009

So last year, after I posted something on this very blog about me and baby’s ridiculous World of Warcraft wedding, I was contacted by a movie producer. She said she was making a movie about true love, and wanted to talk to people who had gotten married within the WoW game (because, clearly, getting married on WoW is an indication of true love). A few emails were exchanged, and a few (very few) details revealed (the movie would star Charlyne Yi, who was in “Knocked Up” and dates Michael Cera). Several weeks later, the producer showed up at our house with a videographer. The two of them interviewed us, asked us normal relationship-type stuff (how’d we meet), and of course we talked a bit about the WoW wedding. We mentioned that playing music was what brought us together in the first place. Mark told them he didn’t really play much anymore, other than down in the basement, but I told them a little about my current musical projects. They asked to hear a song, and I played them “Who We Are,” which I had written about Baby; they also asked for a break-up song (I think I mentioned that most all of mine were) so I played them “Over It.”

The producer was very nice, seemed somewhat impressed with us (I guess as impressed as one can be, hearing stories about people they don’t even know), and indicated that we’d hear back from the filmmakers as they make their way across the US looking for tales of true love. She noted that she’d hand their footage over and the filmmakers would make the final decision, but said “they’d be nuts if they don’t contact you guys.”

Well, perhaps they’re just nuts, because we never heard anything else from them, and we both sort of forgot about it. At the time, all we really knew about the movie was what the producer had told us (that Charlyne Yi was in it, and it was a documentary about true love). Little did we know that in the meantime Michael Cera would become an even bigger deal than he was already, and that he’d end up IN the movie (that part was never mentioned, which makes me wonder if that was the original plan?) and the movie would get all sorts of praise ahead of its release.

So now here we are, just a few days away from “Paper Heart“‘s premier all over the country (or I guess, at least Los Angeles to start). I’m excited to see it, and while Baby could care less, I’m going to twist his arm into taking me when it opens in Atlanta. Even though we didn’t make the cut, the story seems so sweet, and it’s nice to see a summer film focused on a pure human emotion rather than, I dunno, the end of the world.

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