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Top Chef Episode 2 Recap – Farewell, Eve, we hardly knew ye.

August 28, 2009

If you read last week’s recap then you know I totally nailed it with my pick for this week’s loser. Yay me. Wasn’t a difficult choice though. Eve seemed nice enough, and I’m sure eating at her restaurant is a pleasant experience. I think she was just really out of her element, as she attested to in her exit video (and I actually wrote that before watching the video. So perhaps we did know her pretty well after all?).


Outside of the girls getting completely waxed by the guys (is any girl cheftestant capable of going the distance this season other than Jennifer?), there’s not too much to really say about Episode 2. Perhaps last week just seemed way more exciting because it was the kick-off of the new season, but comparatively, this episode was totally meh to me. But one thing that was completely clear, regardless of this season being filmed in Sin City, it should be named Top Chef: Atlanta. Did Hector, Eli and Kevin kill it or what? Between their own competition within a competition, and the sibling rivalry, this should prove to be an interesting season.

Without further adieu, here’s the fun stuff:

Most insightful quote: “When you have mushy on mushy, it’s not nice.” (guest judge Todd English) I won’t elaborate on that other than saying I think Ashley might beg to differ.

Best shoes: Unfortunately I couldn’t find an image online showing them, but man, did anyone else notice the bright pink Crocs that Chef Ron was sportin’?!? A big black man with pink shoes equals total awesomeness. With camouflaged pants, no less. Now that, my friends, takes some cojones to pull off!


Most likely to bust his ass/Best form while running: Oh, Eli. We’re very proud of you, but boy do you look funny when you run. I just knew you were going to totally wipe out as you entered Whole Foods last episode. So close!


Most likely to go all the way: Very hard to judge by this week, but now I’m leaning towards one of the Volt brothers. And because something about Bryan just really irks me, I gotta go with Michael.


Most likely to pack the knives next week: Oh Jesse, I really, really like you. But you just ain’t bringin’ it. You still have the best tats of the season though!


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