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Top Chef Episode 6 Recaplet

September 24, 2009


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  1. September 24, 2009 10:26 pm



  2. Buzz Killington permalink
    September 29, 2009 3:48 am

    Now, really. Cancer should never, ever, ever, ever be:

    a) funny
    e) referenced in a Quickfire

    I hope that’s cleared up now. I’ma let you finish.

    ps – wouldn’t it be awesome if Achatz showed up as a guest judge? Hmmm, which of our cheftestants might bitch about his palate…

  3. GloriaGaynor permalink
    October 15, 2009 11:37 am

    Re: Robin Leventhal:
    I really can’t take her “healthy living” hypocrisy one more minute. Because Seattle is a small town, I remember when Robin got diagnosed with cancer and was going through chemo. I also remember at the same time she was spending an awful amount of time in the back room/kitchen at a certain bar in Seattle doing a massive amount of cocaine with her best friend. DURING CHEMO!
    Her holier-than-thou behavior on the show and false claims to living such a healthy lifestyle is disgraceful. Especially when better chefs are going home and she is staying on in part because of the “cancer card” that she is playing so well.

  4. October 16, 2009 9:16 am

    OK, I feel compelled to weigh in on the cancer thing, since it’s my blog and all. Firstly, the Kanye image was obviously a joke; I can appreciate that some wouldn’t find it funny. Buzz, you are right (or, I guess you are, assuming I interpretted your comment correctly), cancer is never, ever funny. Or maybe it is? Bear with me for a minute. I have a REALLY warped sense of humor. So much that I think most anything can be considered funny, depending on how you look at it.

    My younger brother was diagnosed with cancer several years ago. I’m not saying that gives me the right to make fun of it. Any more than it gives anyone else that right. But one of the things we did to cope with it was just that. We made jokes. We made an end-of-year poem about our family (you know, like the things people send to old friends instead of a personal letter … a mass mailing with a poem or story of some sort, updating folks on what their family’s been up to over the past year), that said something to the extent of “Kim got divorced, isn’t that super, Todd’s undergoing chemo for cancer of the pooper.”

    But with that said, I didn’t think my Kanye photoshop was making fun of Robin, or Grant Achatz, or cancer, as much as it was making fun of Kanye and pop culture in general.

    Alia, I’m glad you liked it. Also for the record though, I made it right after I was telling my husband that Eli’s defense (see his blog post about the cancer comments here: was weak. Having family members with cancer is nothing like having it yourself. I know. I know how much my brother’s cancer affected my family. But it’s nothing compared to how it affected him.

    It changed him, forever. So I can understand Robin feeling like it’s made her who she is. So I try to give her the benefit of the doubt. It seems like she talks about it a lot. But does she, really? That could easily be editing. And even if she does, so what? I’m sure it’s the most life-changing challenge she’s ever had to deal with. It follows her around everyday… even if she’s recovered from it I’m sure she still has that worry.

    Gloria’s comment, however, is interesting on several counts. If it’s true, yeah, I guess that does seem a little whack. Until I remember her industry. Now I’m not accusing all kitchen folks of being druggies. They’re not. But it exists … and whether it’s from the punk rock waitress or the bartender or even the head chef, it’s easy to get (again, this is a generalization. I’m NOT saying all kitchens or restaurant employees are like that). And who knows what she might have been dealing with at the time. I hope for her sake she has changed her lifestyle. I have no reason to believe she hasn’t; hell her body is really toned, she does Pilates, etc. And maybe she still has some fun with the nose candy again and again, who the hell knows.

    I guess in my long-winded way I’m just saying that:
    1. My photoshop was a bad joke, but to me it’s still funny.
    2. Expecting Robin to not talk about having cancer is like asking Mackenzie Phillips to stop talking about her dad. OK, that might be a bad example. But it’s her thing, it did change her life, it is a big deal… let her have that.
    3. And finally, to be honest I’m not sure I get the “cancer card” thing. So what? Robin’s still on the show because either a) the producers want her on there or b) her food hasn’t sucked as bad as some of the others. Probably a combination of both. I doubt it has much to do with her cancer comments.

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