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Regina Spektor @ the Tabernacle

October 7, 2009

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to liveblog the Regina Spektor show at the Tabernacle, courtesy of Clear, who was doing a promotion for their Internet services. So I’m writing this post while at the show!

First off, driving in the ATL was a complete bitch tonight. Like nothing I’ve seen in my five years of living here. Thanks, Bono. So a last minute decision to drive rather than taking MARTA turned out to be the first of many bad driving decisions of my night (cue “Bad Driver”). But luckily, I made it just in time for Miss Spektor to take the stage.

Clear had us set up in one of the side rooms, with absolutely NO view of the stage. Lame. Could hear fine though and could step just outside the room to see whenever I needed to. Regina had a rather small band comprised of a couple of string players and a drummer, and started the show on piano. After a few new tunes off her most recent CD (which included two of my faves, “Eet” and “Folding Chair,” making for a great start to the show), she went into an older tune that I didn’t recognize. From then on she played a great mix of tunes of her most recent release, “Far,” and the older “Begin to Hope.” She switched to electric guitar for a few songs, which was a nice change of pace from the piano and full band. “Bobbin’ For Apples” was especially entertaining, despite Spektor screwing up the beginning and dropping the F- bomb (but that only seemed appropriate for that particular song).

After about an hour-and-a-half set (which closed with a rousing version of “Love, You’re a Whore”), Regina exited the stage. All in all, a really fun show, maybe not the spectacle that, say, the U2 show down the street might have been, but Regina’s got some pipes for sure, and some great songs. So, thank you, Clear! I definitely got my money’s worth ($10 parking), AND the Internet service while I was there was flawless and very speedy. Ironically, on the way home while I was talking to my husband he mentioned that our Internet at home (Comcast) was acting screwy … hmmm … don’t test me Comcast! Clear got me into a show for free AND had reliable Internet service!

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