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H&O Humpday – Rachael Ray knows her blue eye’d soul

October 28, 2009

While I’ve never been much of a fan, RR apparently has excellent taste in music. According to her blog, she’s on a mission to help get Hall and Oates inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (no, they haven’t been inducted already. and yes, that is a complete travesty. I mean, the “Hall” of fame is practically named after half of them. Cease and desist, anyone???).

So if you’re a fan, check out her blog and leave a comment (I did, see if you can find it 🙂 ).


*Note – H&O Humpday is a new blog “feature” if you will that I intend to update each Wednesday with H&O videos, news, fun facts, whatever. So if you have anything to contribute, send it my way (kim at eskimokissrecords dot com)!

**Another note – I feel it’s important to mention that during the few minutes it took for me to compose this post, H&O’s “Wait for Me,” one of my faves, came up on my iTunes shuffle. Yay.

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