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It’s Friday, I’m in Love

November 6, 2009

Ugh. Why does coming back from vacation always suck? This week was only really a half week for me, but the last couple of days have been kinda crappy. But in keeping with my recent attempt to keep a half-decent attitude, at least on Fridays, here are a few things making me happy today!


This lovely weather. I hate the winter. HATE. So sometimes I have a hard time really enjoying fall because I’m too bummed about shorter days and the impending cold. But so far, I’m ok with the days getting darker earlier because it’s been so danged nice in the morning.


Having very few plans this weekend. I have a few creative projects up my sleeve, but plan on also enjoying lots of the above. And perhaps even washing my dirty car, if the weather holds up. Me time = bliss.


Recovering my temporarily-missing cat yesterday. He’s an escape artist, and he gave me quite a scare. But just as I was about to scour the neighborhood, there he was at the front door. Whew.

Picture 29

Death Cab for Cutie Pandora Radio. There are some bands I just can’t seem to get enough of, regardless of them losing their indie cred and becoming mainstream or whatever. Death Cab is definitely one of those bands. Currently making my work day much more enjoyable.

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