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Top Chef Reunion Dinner = big yawn

November 6, 2009

Before I get into a brief recap of Wednesday night’s Top Chef Reunion Dinner, I have an important question. WHERE THE HELL IS SAM?


Women viewers no doubt remember this hottie, Sam Talbot, who was a finalist from season two. By anyone’s standards, he’s been one of (if not the) best looking cheftestants. Yet I NEVER see a word about him as it relates to the show, which seems really strange when you consider some of the other, less talented, alumni who still appear on the Top Chef site every now and then, providing commentary on the current season, or those participating in special events. So what gives, Bravo? Are you shunning Sam, or (more likely) is he, for some reason, shunning the show and distancing himself from it?

On to the show. And this is going to all sound completely hypocritical, I admit it. But I was both bothered by the producers’ need to focus on previous dramas (and totally felt the same way as Casey, I’m over it) yet also bothered by the LACK of drama. Where was Hosea and Leah? Or at least a mention of their fling? I mean if you’re going to dwell on the dumb things that people said and did in the past, why not at least go there, rather than looking for ways to revisit the childish bickering? I also missed Stephanie. I can only assume that the three of them weren’t there because they had prior, more important commitments, not because they weren’t invited. With all that said, here’s my obligatory best ofs/most likelies from the show. And finally, a prediction for next week!

Best case of forgetting how to cook: Dale, who said he had planned on retiring (huh?) had he not been cast on TC season 3, seemed to downright struggle in the kitchen. Dale, get to prepping in the retirement home, cause dang if you didn’t look out of your league as compared to the rest of the alums.


Most improved: Gawd, how I hated Ilan during his season. But whatdya know, he’s mellowed out and he’s actually a cutie! He seemed genuinely happy to see everyone, although slightly uncomfortable. He was downing that wine fast (and also seemed more interested in purchasing wine at the grocery store than food)! But out of all the previous cheftestants who were present, he did seem more down to earth than most. And I love his cute smile and glasses. Note to Bravo – more Ilan, less Marcel in future specials!


Best and worst choice of a host: I could hardly understand a word he said during his season. And had a bit of trouble at times during the reunion. But Fabio does have that Italian charm and he seemed really comfortable in the host position. I felt bad for him though, when he asked the questions that the producers wanted him to ask but just got lip for it. Which brings me to …


Best case of nothing changing: The old Marcel had stupid hair and was a douche. And whatdya know, the Marcel of today also has stupid hair and is a douche. I think he’s a victim of one too many sand kicks to the face when he was a kid. But I’d bet he had every single one coming.


Best display of mad skillz: Ilan and Marcel, aka Douche and Drunker, did bring their A-game. Sure, this wasn’t a competition. But rather than go into retirement mode like Dale, the boys from season two sure did impress. That Thai Snapper preparation was bad ass.


Best dressed: OK, some of these guys and girls really needed a stylist! I guess the point was to be comfortable, but jeez, this was on TV for chrissakes. The exception was Hung. The boy looked GOOD.


Best quote: Harold – “I’m really looking foward to dinner and hanging out with everybody. We can sit here and drink some wine and be very civilized.” Yeah, because that’s exactly what the producers were going for. A meal where everyone can show how civilized they are. Riiiiight.


Next week … a new episode, yay! Who will be ELIminated? hmmmmm …

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